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28th February 2017

I love pancakes, this is just a day for an excuse to make them!

What do you like on yours?

Our Blueberry Seed Oil is cold pressed from the dried seeds of Vaccinium corymbosum. It is used in many cosmetic products, particularly those for use on skin as it is perfect for damaged skin and rejuvenating.

Unfortunately not your typical Nutella spread or melted chocolate, but our chocolate flavour is used in various products to add fragrance and flavour such as lip balms.

Cranberry seed oil is the perfect ingredient for skin and hair products, helping to moisturise and protect encouraging a healthier look and feel.

A refreshing essential oil which is stimulating whilst calming, increasing moods and concentration. Lemon oil is good for treating many skin problems, health and hair issues whilst it also fragrances your home.

Have a scrumptious pancake day
p.s. crushed up maltesers is a definite filling to try!